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 Mini Skip truck with a 3 metre bin, Truck width 2 metres (about the size of an ambulance)


Professionals in the area of rubbish removal, we feel we have a commitment to our clients to provide a service of the highest standard. Our reputation speaks for itself, with experience and knowledge in the rubbish business since the 1960's we pride ourselves on years of customer satisfaction.



Prices include GST for delivery and bin pick up.


We honour all discount coupons as found in the yellow pages.

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Terms and Conditions

Bins can be hired for the following classes of waste, General Waste, Commercial Waste, Hardfill Waste. NO Hazardous, Dangerous Waste or Polystrene.

General Waste includes; Household and Garden Waste, excluding compost, Commercial Waste. It can be organic or inorganic waste.

Hardfill waste (also known as Clean Fill) includes concrete, soil, clay, bricks. These products can not be mixed with other wastes including green waste or building waste. If they are mixed, they will be classed as general waste or other waste and charged accordingly.

The bins can only be filled to the level of the height of the bin. All overloaded bins must be leveled before removal to comply with the Transport Legislation and Occupational Health and Safety Rules.

Each bin has a weight limit. Over-weight bins will be charged at $185.73 per tonne or part of. Excess weighted bins may have to be emptied to enable bins to be removed. Damage due to excess weight will be charged to the client

Once a bin has been placed on a site, the bin is not allowed to be moved without our authority. Placement of the bin is at the discretion of the driver.

Damage due to mis-use of the bins will incur financial charges and complaints laid with the appropriate authorities.

Payment is to be made on delivery, unless prior arrangements have been made. Non payment may mean the bin is not delivered. We will accept cash, cheques and most credit cards

If you have a problem or queries with our services, please do not hesitate to contact our office.
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We accept cash, cheque or credit cards, payable on delivery of the bin

Phone now on 09 818 6286 or email via our contact page

So if you need a hand, contact us with all your rubbish problems. You can also view our Services in more detail on this website.

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